There is truly something about teddy bears that people find appealing. This is not surprising since real bears are adorable and huggable themselves. The love affair people have with teddy bears continues beyond childhood. Those who have one treat their fluffy companion like a friend. They talk to their Teddies, cuddle them, and even share their problems with him.

Aside from being reminders of people’s innocent carefree childhood, stroking the soft fur of a teddy bear is quite therapeutic as experts say. According to some psychologists, cuddling teddy bears can evoke a sense of comfort and security which are things human crave from their childhood to adult life. Studies show that touching a teddy bear can reduce the serious impacts of social exclusion and minimize stress.

Teddy bears are made in many kinds of material but mohair push is the most famous. In fact, a teddy bear made of roses is also available in the market these days. The push is a fur from long-haired goats that is woven into cloth, dyed, and trimmed. Today, bear artists can even produce unique bears from untraditional materials and dress the bears in outfits. Anyone looking to get a teddy can surely find one that meets their needs. Here’s why teddy bears are special:

They Express Love and Affection

Teddy bears are cute and lovable. They exude warmth and affection. Those who receive a teddy bear will feel loved and cared for. Also, they don’t feel alone in life as they consider their Teddies as a real friend.

They are Meaningful Gifts

Sure, chocolates and roses are always great gift options; however, you may want to consider beyond this the same boring and old routine. Soft and cozy toys such as teddy bears are the best gifts for you. You can get a teddy for yourself or for somebody you love.

They Speak a Sincere Message

Although traditional teddy bears seem to speak an unspoken language that humans can understand, there are speaking Teddies available in the market. They are a perfect choice for those who miss the voice of the love of their life.

They Represent You

When giving a teddy to a loved one, your recipient will think about you through the toy. As they keep thinking of you, the Teddy will bring a smile to their face whenever they hug the bear. A teddy bear makes your recipient feel they don’t have to be alone even if you are away from them.