We all do our share of heavy research before visiting our nearest jeweler in order to buy the ornament we want. And every time we do that, we end up spending hours flipping through the brochure of designs that the jeweler has to offer. The lucky ones sometimes find what they are looking for but there isn’t much luck available in the world, is it?

So we either switch from one jeweler to another and we keep doing that till we find what we are looking for which rarely happens, or we settle for something mediocre or something that is at least 1% close to what we wanted. “It’s jewelry at the end of the day; it looks goods irrespective of the design and pattern,” this is what we tell ourselves, isn’t it? But deep down we still have that regret for not wearing that beautiful beautiful design that we saw on the internet.

Ever wondered why is it so hard for the jeweler to simply give gold or any other metal the design and shape of your desire? Most of us know the reason but for those who don’t; it is because every jeweler has a set of the mold of their own. Just like you set ice or your jelly, you need a mold to get the different shapes of jelly or ice cubes. But did you know that there are several jewelers who accept orders for customization of ornaments? So now you can design gold chain yourself.

The process for this is pretty simple and the majority of these jewelers accept the customization orders online. You simply have to visit their website, find the customization option and the rest is usually self-explanatory. Most of the websites will ask you to give details such as the ornament type you need, purity and color of gold or clarity of the diamond, and even the budget. You have to upload the image of the design that you liked on the internet and if you need any changes or certain specifications, you can describe the same in brief. Your contact details will be taken and they will get back to you with the final cost of your order. So if this sounds interesting to you, we recommend you contact your jeweler and ask them if they have this option or you can simply let the internet guide you!