Buying your first bong is always confusing. If you check for the best head shops, you are likely to find a wide range of choices. Many stores are now online, so you don’t have to try hard for access, especially when you are looking for bongs near me.

Before you buy one, here are some of the things you need to check.

  • The options. The most common kind of bong is the one that comes in a tubular shape. Then there are bubblers, while the other bongs work more like a hookah. If you are starting out with bongs, stick to the first two, especially the bubbler that’s easy to use and take around.
  • Check the number of chambers. The best glass bongs can have more than chamber, which is again something worth considering, especially if you want the hit to be extreme. Single-chamber bongs are old-school and work for most people though.

  • Size matters. The tube size is extremely important because it determines the smoke-holding effect and the hit that people crave for. For starters, one-foot bongs are just fine, but the massive ones have an incredible advantage of holding more smoke.
  • The brand is also critical. Many head shops have bongs from different brands, and the choice of brand does matter, more so when you want to go for something that’s not only great for the purpose intended but also for aesthetic value.
  • Pricing for the budget. Besides the above four aspects, the price also determines what you can afford. Go for a good bong from a known brand, although there are extremely cheap ones that are not bad for experimenting.

Other tips to know

Your first bong shouldn’t be an extremely tall one or must not have too many chambers, because your lungs are not ready for that kind of an experience. The mouthpiece and chamber measurements are aspects you cannot afford to ignore, especially because not everyone is comfortable with a big mouthpiece. Not to forget, big bongs are extremely delicate and are prone to breaking, so storage is always a concern. Start with something smaller if possible and move your way up. While other materials are used for bongs, glass is always a preferred choice for many experienced weed enthusiasts. If you are still looking for choices, both plastic and ceramic bongs are worth considering.

Check online now and get your bong like a pro.