The best gifts usually come when they are unexpected rather than being given on birthdays or holidays. But that doesn’t mean that 30th birthday gifts or holidays can’t be great. I recently had a birthday so I figured I would mention what I believe to be great birthday gift ideas. A birthday is meant to be a celebration, an entire day devoted to you and only you. For me, a birthday gift isn’t something you can wrap, but something that you can experience for the day. So here are two great ways to celebrate your man’s birthday.

Concert or Sporting Event:

One of my favorite gifts are tickets to a concert or sporting event. The challenging part of this gift is that if it is a team or band that your man loves, he probably already has tickets. There are a few options here, first you can buy tickets for an event that might be out of town which makes for a nice getaway and chances are your man hadn’t thought about taking a flight or a road trip to the event. Second, if you don’t need the tickets to be a surprise, you can tell your man that you will buy the tickets for him, but you can surprise him with better seats than he had planned on getting. Either way, tickets to a concert or sporting event make a great gift.

Trip to an Amusement Park

A few years ago my girlfriend asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. My birthday that year was on a Tuesday so I suggested that we just go out to an early dinner at my favorite restaurant and then just have birthday cake and a glass of wine at home. But since this was my 30th birthday, she wanted to plan something more exciting than that. She suggested we take the day off from work and go do something really fun.

One of the most fun things I could think of was to go to an amusement park because I love roller coasters. We are lucky enough to live about 90 minutes away from one of the best Six Flags amusement parks in the US. So we spent my birthday riding as many roller coasters as we could fit in (and stomach) in one day, which turned out to be 12. There are hundreds of amusement parks scattered across the US so no matter where you live, there is a good chance you are within a day drive from one. So if your man enjoys the rides like I do, a trip to an amusement park makes for a great gift.

Another great 30th birthday gift option is helicopter flights. Consider giving the birthday person a chance to soar through the skies in a helicopter, looking down at the cities from sky, and learning all about helicopter flying. He would have lived 30 years, but never would he have got a gift like this.

Another such exciting gift options are driving experiences. You could give vouchers that would let the recipient drive any sports car of his choice. He couldn’t be more excited about any other 30th birthday gifts than the one that would put him inside a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. If sports car doesn’t thrill enough, you could even put him inside a battle tank or a monster truck!

Choosing splendid 30th birthday gifts is not a daunting task anymore. All you have to do is seek help from an online gift portals.