Apparently parents of twins have more responsibilities than parents of single child.  Every parent desires to move around with their twins and show off the best gift of their life. Though practically it is not possible to carry both the kids on shoulder but with effective baby strollers for twins every parent can go any place of their choice and even can travel long distance with the twins. Thus irrespective of number of kid a stroller is always of great help to the parents and enables them to live their life actively without compromising the freedom of movement.

Best types of twins’stroller

Stroller is an amazing partner for both babies and their parents and provides extreme convenience and comfort if chosen appropriately as per their needs and budget.  The marketplace is flooded with strollers of different brands and models and thus the parent should be little cautious before buying any stroller as it is the matter of their kids’ safety and comfort along with their own comfort. Twins strollers are basically of four types:

  • Tandem Stroller– The width of tandem stroller is same as the single stroller but its double in length. This type of stroller can pass through any narrow area and accommodates two infants car seat. The seat recline is possible for only one seat and thus parents find little difficult to keep eye on both kids properly. They are slightly heavy than its other counterparts.
  • Side-by-side Stroller- The twins can seat next to each other and enjoy the surroundings equally. The seat size, recline options, tray, footrest, canopy are identical for both the seats. But due to its huge width its little tough to go through any tight space. These strollers are light and have more stability but they do not accommodate two infant car seats.
  • All-terrain double stroller- This type is suitable for active parents who want to continue their jogging and long walk for staying fit and healthy. These strollers are heavier than other but have more stability and can ride smoothly on dirt, sand pathway and bumper surface.
  • Umbrella double stroller- This is little weight stroller easy to fold and carry on any type of transports. This has less added features and is not safe for jogging and long distance walk.

Do proper research

It is a good practice to do some research before purchasing any products. As stroller is associated with the comfort and safety of the kids if you are purchasing online read the reviews and rating of each strollers. Also check the features, prices, advantages, quality, disadvantages, etc. of different brands. Nowadays some of the brands display the videos of the strollers in motion for the convenience of the customers.

While buying from physical store evaluate the essential features and do test drive with kids so that parents can find out how comfortable are babies with the particular model. Read the instruction for maintenance and cleaning for hygiene of the kids and long life of the stroller.